What is Backward Arrow Modern Fitness?

Welcome to Backward Arrow Modern Fitness! We are a gym that has been around for a long time and we have helped HUNDREDS of people to accomplish their goals! However, we are undergoing a facelift and we want to adopt a name that better encompasses who we are and what we do!

In the past, we were known as CrossFit Backward Arrow. We were known as a gym that helps people using the CrossFit methodology. Going forward, we want to be known as the gym that helps people to accomplish their goals, no matter what methodology we choose to utilize.

In the past, we have worked to get people integrated into classes. Now, we want to do what is best for people to accomplish their goals. While that may continue to be classes for some, we want to be known for having coaches that are the best at meeting people where they are and leading them to where they want to go! So, let me introduce you to Backward Arrow Modern Fitness and explain what it all means.

I am frequently asked, “Why backward arrow? What is that? What does that mean?” Backward Arrow comes from the quote from Paolo Coelho which states “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.” I designed Backward Arrow Modern Fitness to be the place where the arrow of your life is drawn backward. We want to be the daily “difficulty” and struggle that you face so when you leave the walls of our facility, you are launched into something great!

We have been so blessed to get to see it too! We have seen people lose the weight they wanted, improve their strength, reach goals they never have, find new relationships and get married, get a raise at work, get a promotion at work, start a new job, start a new business, start a new family, improve their home life/relationship, be a better parent, be a better supervisor and so many more improvements. While you may struggle in the gym, you are launched into life and the results are quite amazing!

What is Modern Fitness?

Most training philosophies focus purely on the physical aspects of goals. While this is incredibly important, I don’t believe that this is a MODERN approach to fitness. We want to help people in more ways than just the physical, because physical changes were not the only issues that put them in the position that they want to leave. We want to help people in the following ways.
1. Physical Training
2. Mental Training
3. Social Improvement
4. Injury Prevention and Rehab (when needed)

Physical Training

We want to help you with your workouts. Simple, not easy!
We want to help you decide what to do, how many reps you should do, how many sets you should do, how heavy your weight should be, how long you should go and how much rest you should take. We do this with top tier coaching to help you understand what to do, how to do it safely and effectively and how you should push to achieve your goals. This coaching may be in a class, or it may be one on one with a coach…either way, it is with a coach!

We also believe that fitness can be accomplished in a way that fits into your schedule. We think that you need ONE HOUR for fitness…that means if you can’t find one hour for yourself and your goals, you may not be successful, no matter what you try to do or where you try to go! That means that you don’t need 3 hour workouts…1 hour, guided by a coach to get you closer every day to where you want and need to be!

Mental Training

So many of the problems that we face in our lives is because we are taking the easy way out. This means that when you should be doing one thing for yourself, you are doing something else. Many times, this comes from fear or not wanting to be uncomfortable. At Backward Arrow Modern Fitness, we help you to face that every day. When you face the discomfort every day, you will get more comfortable with it and that hardens your mind and strengthens your resolve. Our coaching and workouts make it so you are able to face the problems in your life better and catapult you into where you want to be in your life.

Social Improvement

Our world is becoming increasingly more isolated. With all of the social media and easy technology at our disposal allowing us to “connect” to others, we are all feeling increasingly isolated and disappointed with our social connections. At BAMF, we strive to improve both the number and the quality of social connections. In an 80 year longitudinal study performed by Harvard, they found that the best predictor of quality of life is the personal connections that a person has. This means that it is not about how much money you have, or even how fit a person is….the best predictor of quality of life is the personal connections a person maintains.

At BAMF, you share in the suffering with others. This creates a bond that is hard to recreate in other areas of life. This bond is similar to competing in sports with a team or going through military training. That type of strife creates connections that are hard to sever and contribute to improvement in your quality of life!

Injury Prevention and Rehab (when needed)

Injuries happen….if you are in motion, you will have some issues with your body. Cars break down at times, even with good care and maintenance.

When I look across the fitness landscape, I frequently see people hurting. As a physical therapist, this makes me sad! When people are hurt, a few different things can happen.
1. A person stops working out because they hurt and they don’t know what to do
2. A person changes their workout to be something they can do, but stop reaching their goals because of the change.
3. A person doesn’t make any changes and keeps working out the same way, usually hurting themselves more and causing more damage.

I’m definitely not speaking poorly of other ways to work out or coaches, but oftentimes they may not know how to help to keep people moving and healthy. At BAMF, we place a high emphasis on injury prevention and quick rehab intervention when pain does occur.

Our focus on prevention centers around performing movements with good form, proper loading and accessory movements that strengthen supporting muscles to keep you moving well and without pain.

Sometimes, pain happens anyways. To combat that, we partner with our Doctor of Physical Therapy at Backward Arrow Physical Therapy to help you feel better faster and keep feeling better for longer! When you quickly see a professional for your problems, you often have less trouble and it is cheaper and easier to fix than by waiting for longer!

We want you to have a different experience, especially regarding pain! We also know that when your pain is addressed, you will stick with a fitness routine longer and better and you will achieve your goals better and sooner!

So, welcome to Backward Arrow Modern Fitness! We are glad that you are here and we want you to have a VERY different experience with fitness than you have had in the past!

If you are ready to change your life and want to do it in a different way, scroll back up and schedule a FREE INTRO! We are ready to help you and excited to help you see the success you want!