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Not your typical physical therapy experience. We specialize in helping active people with orthopedic pain return to the things they love doing most.

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Your first visit is a comprehensive evaluation of your pain and your body. During this time, your therapist will listen to you about your pain, test the appropriate body areas for what is causing your pain and come up with a plan for how to address and solve your problem. You don’t need an X-ray or an MRI, your therapist is trained to evaluate that without the need for other expensive imaging and testing!


After your evaluation, your therapist may start treating your problem areas. This may involve hands-on treatment like soft tissue mobilization, manipulation, joint mobilization, dry needling or even cupping therapy. Your treatment may also involve exercise treatment to address imbalances in your body and allow you to move in a more pain free way.


We want you to understand the problems that you are facing and give you an understanding of how to address those problems. Your treatment sessions are the perfect time to help you understand and give you tools that you can perform at home to allow you to continue feeling better and returning to what you want to do most.

Return to Function/Sport

Once you are feeling better and have built up your strength, stamina and endurance, your therapist can help to guide you back into the things you want to do most. They are specially trained to help you ease back into your favorite activities in a way that will avoid reinjury. Whether you want to return to a sport, working out, running races, competitions or anything else, our therapists have some answers for you!

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