What to Add to Reduce Stress: Meditation

Our world gets faster and faster! Every day, there is a new technology that allows you to cram something else into your day. There is something new to allow you to be “more efficient”.

However, the way to reducing your stress is actually less….it’s not more efficient! It’s just LESS!

So, how can I tell you what to ADD to your life, when we should be taking things away?!?! Great question, I’m glad you asked!

By adding these things to your life, my hope is that it helps to crowd out some of the other stuff that is leading you to feel so overwhelmed!

Today, we are talking about adding meditation or prayer to your daily routine. When you do this, the rest of your problems don’t seem so big! Research has shown that regular meditation can decrease your stress, help you sleep and even improve some of your health markers!

This may seem a little odd, but no one has to know that you do it besides you! But, everyone may notice the difference in how you are able to handle your world!

Want to give it a try? Here is what you do!

  1. Go to a quiet place. This can be anywhere
  2. Make yourself comfortable. This may be sitting, lying down or something else.
  3. Focus only on your breathing.
  4. When your mind wanders, return to focus on your breathing. It WILL wander and that is ok!
  5. Start small! 5 minutes to start with may be a lot! With time, you can get to the point where you can do this for longer periods of time!
  6. Do this 3-5 times during the week

Doing this can help you to curb your anxiety, improve sleep and daily interactions! Ultimately, with improved sleep and decreased stress hormones, you will see a change in your body even. Your blood markers can improve, you will become healthier…you can feel better!

However, this takes time! You are not able to build a skyscraper in a day! The same is true for this practice! It takes time and patience. You need to have an open mind and grace for when/if you mess it up! Progress, not perfection, is the name of this game!

Work to add these techniques into your day. When you do, you will be actively working to reduce your stress, and that is worth it all!