Take It All Away: Work

Last series, we talked about the things that you should ADD to your daily routine to decrease your stress. The hope was that you could add things into your day and it would crowd out the things that add to your stress and suck life from you.

That can be a tough ask at times. It means that you have to have really solid boundaries and won’t allow other tasks and obligations to encroach on your stress relieving activities and techniques.

This week, we are talking about what you can REMOVE from your life to help you to have less stress and lead a life that is less stressed and more fulfilled.

Today we are talking about MORE work! Now don’t misread this and say that I am telling you not to work! While many of us don’t love going to work, we are made to work! Work is a necessary part of our life and it is actually good for us to have a task daily!

What I am suggesting is that you say no to MORE work! There is a difference! MORE work is extra…MORE work is life sucking, not life giving…MORE work is work that doesn’t truly benefit you at your job…MORE work makes you feel overwhelmed and drowning.

You see, doing more work is not the way to help you to feel better. The truth is, there will always be MORE work. This means that no matter how much you knock out today, it will be there waiting for you tomorrow. Don’t fall into this trap!

Instead, learn how to say no. Learn to find a good stopping point and set yourself up for success for the next day or time that you return! If you can do this, you will find that you are much less stressed!

Additionally, with all of the extra work that you are not doing, you can add in some reading, some extra sleep, exercise or some meditation to decrease your stress even more!

Work on creating these boundaries for yourself and watch your stress levels fall! This means that you will be able to be healthier and happier! Who doesn’t want that!