How can you accelerate your progress?

This world is obsessed with how you can reach your goals faster. Everything faster…always in a hurry to get there…so today, I’m going to tell you how you can reach your fitness goals faster. 

How to do it faster…. START. 


Now this seems pretty obvious, but you would be SHOCKED by how long it takes people to get started on their goals. They want to wait for the right time…wait for their life to calm down (it doesn’t)…wait for their kids to not need them so much (they always need you)…wait for money to be right (it never feels like it is)…

I have talked to people for MONTHS before they finally start on their goals. Nothing was significantly different from the time that they came in to the time that they started. They just waited months to get started, so it took that much longer for them to see the progress they wanted to see!

Honestly, you are holding off because you are scared….you are scared of what it is going to feel like…you are scared of failure…you are scared of the unknown…in reality the fear of the unknown is SO MUCH WORSE than the thing itself…so just get started!

Surround yourself with people that will help you succeed

This may mean that you don’t hang out with people that encourage you to not go to your workout, eat the right foods or get the sleep you need. These people are not the type of people that truly have your best interest at heart. Instead, surround yourself with people that are going to encourage you and even help pull you toward your goals!

For many people, this looks like the community within a gym like Backward Arrow Modern Fitness that helps them! Find one and get involved!

Get a coach! 

If the best and greatest athletes in the world need and use a coach to help them to achieve their goals, you do too!

The benefits of coaching are too numerous to count. Accountability, safety, progression, avoiding mistakes and so many other things!

Think about it like this. If you are going to try to fix your car, you want a mechanic to do it to be sure that you do it right, well and quickly. A coach is your mechanic for movement and is crucial to you reaching your goals as quickly and safely as possible. 

Don’t quit
Too often, people let themselves off the hook too easily. They let small things get in the way and quit. 

You will NEVER achieve your goals if you aren’t taking steps toward them! Even a small step is better than no step or moving backwards!

So before you let something small get in your way and keep you from taking the step toward your goals, talk to your coach, talk to your supportive friends and keep going! Just. Don’t. Quit!!

Focus on the Fundamentals

Too often, people are trying to do too much…do the sexy thing that they see on Instagram or TikTok. Instead, you should focus on the fundamentals. 

If you want to get stronger, you should lift progressively more weight with good form. If you want to lose weight, you should lift progressively more weight with good form. If you want to have a better cardiovascular system, you should work on monostructural activities with increasing duration and intensity…

It’s that simple! Simple does not mean easy! 

You don’t have to do the crazy thing you saw online! That will get you hurt and make it take more time for you to reach your goals! Instead, stay focused on the fundamentals and you will reach your goals faster!

Give it all you have

No matter what, give it all you have for that day. Some days you won’t have much…that’s ok! Give all you have for that day! Some days you will have a lot to give for the day! Great! Give it all you have!

Add things slowly

When you start, there is no need to try to do it ALL! Your first workout doesn’t need to be 100 squats at 200#, 100 bench press at 150#, run 5 miles and swim 2. 

Your first workout can be something as simple as walk 10 minutes…ride a stationary bike for 10 minutes…Do some bodyweight squats and call it a day! Do that again for the next 2 weeks. 

Then walk/ride for 12 minutes…add some bodyweight squats to what you were already doing and call it a day! There is no need to go crazy!

This will keep you from getting hurt, as well as keep you from being so sore that you can’t work out tomorrow! 

Finally, DON’T QUIT

I’m saying this one again for a reason….it is crucial! You don’t have to be perfect! You can make mistakes! You just can’t quit!

So there it is! The secrets to achieving your goals faster! Follow these steps and watch your progress sky-rocket!

If you feel like you need help, especially with a coach, you should reach out to BAMF! Our expert coaches are here to help you with your goals and have seen hundreds of people achieve theirs in our programs!

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