Why is your community so important?

You will often hear people talk about the community of Backward Arrow Modern Fitness. You see it on our reviews, you hear people talk about it and get excited about it.. We love it, but it’s easy to not understand. 

You see, most people that are thinking about coming to BAMF already have friends. They think, I’m not going to pay money to have friends. I would say, you shouldn’t! 

However, what you have at BAMF is more than a group of friends, it is a community. One of the definitions of a community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” See this is more than just a group of friends, this is a group of people that are pulling towards the same goal. 

Think about a horse pulling a cart. If there is one horse pulling a cart, it will get to its destination eventually. However, if there are 2 that are pulling in the same direction it will get there faster. If there are 4, faster still!

That is what you have in the community of BAMF. You have many horses that are pulling the cart forward. You have yourself, you have your coaches and you have all of those around you helping to pull your cart and theirs to where they need it to be!

Finally, the biggest predictor of your success is your environment. Think about the drug addict, alcoholic, gambler and overeater. You would not expect them to achieve their goals in a drug dealer’s house, bar, casino or buffet. 

The same can be said for your goals. If you expect a difference in your body and your life without changing the environment you are in, you are just wishing in the wind. But if you surround yourself with people that have a similar goal (improving your life), then the odds of success increase dramatically!

That is why we have such an emphasis on our community at BAMF. We believe that it is the KEY to your success, and will help you to change your life as much as the actual exercise that you are doing!

So come see what this community is like, and watch how you start to achieve your goals in ways that you never have before!