How it Fails: Sustainability

This series is all about success, which is interesting because it has “Fails” in the title! However, we are examining why typical diets fail for people, either while they are doing the diet or shortly after when they stop!

Today we are talking about the sustainability of the diet that can present a significant road block for success!

You see, many diets and plans are simply not sustainable to live on for a prolonged period of time! Diets like Keto, Whole30 and other plans are not likely to be something that you can manage for a prolonged period of time. Additionally, some plans are complex enough that without the ongoing support, it is extremely difficult to sustain as well! Some of these plans are like weight watchers.

These plans can be so exclusive in what you can take in, that they are just not sustainable for a long period of time! They have good ideas and foundations behind them, however, their restrictive nature tends to push people to failure.

Additionally, when people stop adhering to the diet, they are quick to return to their old habits. They quickly return to the weight that they were when they started the process! Consider an alternative method: learn a nutrition plan that you can follow anywhere. These principles are not exclusive, but inclusive in their nature.

My personal favorite nutrition mantra is this: Eat meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Work to avoid grains, dairies, legumes, added sugars and alcohols. This simple outline allows me to include so many things into my daily diet. If I have a small slip, it’s ok and I can quickly and easily return to my daily nutrition plan!

Keep in mind, it took years of small habit changes to be able to be at the point that I am right now. However, these changes are stuck with me and it is almost difficult to break them after this long doing them!

THAT is all it takes to be successful with your nutrition plans! Finding an inclusive plan with sustainable habits and goals for you to achieve is the key to success in nutrition!

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