How it Fails: End Date

Over the years, I have loved watching the show “How it Works”. The show examines a multitude of different topics including electric toothbrushes, contacts, skyscraper and a multitude of other things that are made and we use in our lives! It is so fascinating and really provides amazing insight as to how things are made and how they work to serve us!

This series, however, is geared to show you how dieting doesn’t work! We will be examining the ways that diets fail you! Then, we will talk about how you can change to make your daily nutrition habits work for you best!

The first way that diets fail people is that they have an end date! Think about it…if there is an end date, then you generally work really hard until you achieve that goal. After that point, you go right back to doing what you want to do, regardless of what you learned or achieved during your last challenge!

This can help to explain the constant yo-yo in weight, health and ability that people feel and see when they use diets like this. Let’s use this example:

You start a diet with the goal to eat clean for 30 days. You do well! You lose 10-15 pounds and you are committed during the challenge. The first minute that you finish the challenge, you want to celebrate! You have made your goal and the game is over! Time to finish that pizza!!

Since you are no longer playing the game, you no longer have to worry about what you are putting in your face! Your weight slowly crawls back up until you have to play the game again just to get back down to where you want to be…

And you do this over and over and over again…But it can be different!

Think about this…you learn what you should be doing. This could be eating more veggies, taking in more protein, getting more sleep or drinking more water. You agree to make small changes to your nutrition plan for the day (I am going to eat 2 more servings of vegetables every day)

You work at that goal until you get it…You change the habit…You don’t kick yourself when you fail, you just learn how you can do it better. You work at that until you are consistent with it and never miss! Then, you choose another habit…

You work on these things until you get them. Your weight improves, your energy improves, your sleep improves and you become the person that you were always jealous of!

You see, by gaming the system, you are actually working against yourself! But when you actively work to improve your habits, you achieve your goals and you keep them! It is a VERY different picture of nutrition than a 30-90 day challenge and it has very different results and long-term solutions!

Are you looking to get off the hamster wheel of diets? Are you tired of looking for the answers, only to find that it didn’t quite get you where you want to be? Are you needing help?

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