How to Get “Fit Enough” to Start: Push-ups

Last week, we talked about a touchy subject…your excuses and why they suck! In that series, we talked about the common excuse that you have to be “in-shape” or “fit enough” to start going to the gym…especially a CrossFit gym!

While this notion is absolutely ridiculous…we want to help you to get “fit enough” to come in to see us! I mean, think about it….did you ever try learning to read a book before you went to school to learn how to read a book? No! You just showed up at school!

Previously in this series, we talked about starting with walking and adding squatting in to your routine. Today, we are talking about adding some upper body strengthening and endurance into your life, we are talking about push-ups!

Push-ups can be really intimidating for many people! There are MANY people in this world that cannot do even a single pushup and that is ok! We have a way to get you started! Pay attention to the options in the videos!

This video has some great hints for how to modify pushups.

You see, building this upper body strength is going to take time, but it is something that will benefit you in the long run! Additionally, getting better at pushups is going to make you feel “fit enough” to allow you to take the next step in your fitness journey!

To practice and continue to get stronger, do this workout:

Every minute at the :00 for 5 minutes

Do 5 challenging pushups. This might be against a wall, against another type of incline or even the eccentrics that were talked about in the video!

As you get better and stronger, add 2-3 pushups to your total in each minute until you get to 10. Then, you can add minutes to your workout!

Do this workout 2-3 times a week! Focusing on this movement will help you to feel better and do more!

If you have pain with this movement, modify the movement until you don’t have pain. If you continue to struggle with pain, consider going to see a doctor and ask to see a good physical therapist! These people specialize in movement and can help you to get back to doing pushups and chasing the goals that you want most!

Do you still have some questions about what you should be doing? Not sure if you are doing the movement right? Want to achieve more for yourself?

Click the button to schedule your FREE INTRODUCTION with our experts in exercise and nutrition! We want to help you to achieve your goals and help lead you there!

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