How to Get “Fit Enough” to Start: Squat

In our last series, we talked about the excuses that so many people have for why they don’t start an exercise routine. One of the excuses is that “I am not in shape/fit enough to do that…”

In this series, we are talking about the steps that you can take to start getting “fit enough” to join the gym, especially a CrossFit gym (keep in mind, getting fit before joining a gym is like learning it all before you go to school!)! Yesterday, we talked about going for a walk and gradually increasing the speed and distance that you walk. Today, we are talking about squatting!

Squatting is one of the absolute BEST things that you can do for exercise! This is a functional movement, which means that it moves multiple joints and large muscle groups and is a movement that mimics what is seen in everyday life! Every time that you sit in a chair and get up, or sit on a toilet and get up, you are squatting!

Squatting uses muscles in your calves, your hamstrings, your quads, your glutes, your abs and your back to make you move! By using so many big muscle groups, it burns lots of energy and is a very safe movement! Can we say weight loss and strength gains all at the same time?! It is a dream for exercise for how it can help you to achieve your goals!

Take a look at the video here! Work to make your body move like this! It takes time and some practice, but look in a mirror and see if you can move like that.

If you feel that you have some pain that limits you, consider seeing a health care professional that can guide you to some help. You may need a little bit of time with a physical therapist that can help you to improve!

When you are able to do squats (even ones that don’t go as low as in the video) do this:

Every minute at :00 for 5 minutes

Do 5-10 squats.

As you get better, stronger and more fit, you will find that you can add more squats every minute. When you can do 10 squats in the minute and go for 5 minutes, consider adding a minute or two to the overall time and keep doing sets of 10!

As you do this, you are building strength in your legs, glutes, abs and back muscles! You will be ready to join the gym before you know it!

Do you still have questions? Do you need more help or want more guidance? Click the button and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to let our coaches help you to accomplish your goals with exercise, nutrition or both! The you that you want to be is just a short step away!

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