Make More Time: Plans

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the excuses that people have and why they suck! Read more about that series here!

In this series, we are talking about one of those excuses…the lack of time that we perceive that we have. Our goal in this series is to give you the tools that you can “make” more time for yourself to pursue the goals that you have in your fitness journey!

Today, we are talking about having a plan for your life, your day and the hour that you are in!

You see, plans can help you to organize your life, day and thoughts into actionable items that you can take at set times and points. Having a plan that is designed to help you to reach the success that you most want and need to accomplish is the FIRST STEP.

To make a plan, you will have to make a plan to sit down and set aside all of the things that you need to do to accomplish your goals. Let’s use the example of losing weight.

So, you will have to outline the things that you will have to do to be sure that you can accomplish your goal. That may look like this….

  1. Go to the gym and workout
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Get 7+ hours of sleep

Then, you will have to add in all of the things that you GET to do in your day that support you and your family. This may look like….

  1. Work/schoolwork
  2. Pick up the kids
  3. Sports/extracurriculars

At this point, you have an idea about your day and where all the “stuff” can fit in. You know the things that are required for you to do in your day. You should schedule these first…It may look like this….


3:30- Pick up the kids

4:30-6:30: Practice/sports

7:30- Eat Dinner

After that, you can fill in all of the other things that will help you to accomplish your goals. It may look like this…

5:30- Gym


3:30- Pick up the kids

4:30-6:30: Practice/sports

6:30-7:30 Cook Dinner and prep food for next day/Homework with kids (if appropriate)

7:30-8:30 Eat Dinner

8:30-10:00 Get Ready for bed and prep for next day (gym/work/kids)

10:00 In bed and ready for the next day

You see, with this plan, you are ready to take back control of your life and you have actually MADE time for all of the things that will help you to get where you want to be! When you sit down and make a plan, you take back control for yourself…you now have the time and ability to complete all that you need to be able to reach your fitness goals!

Keep in mind, this was merely an example and there may be 1000 other ways to get it all done! However, it starts with a plan that you set!

If you are looking to make changes to your life, it starts with making a change! PRIORITIZING these daily tasks can be a huge step to making sure that you are able to complete the tasks that we KNOW will help you to get there!

If you still feel that you need more help, click the button for a FREE INTRO! Our experts are standing by and can help you to solve your problems so that you can reach the goals that you desire most!

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