Make More Time: Distractions

A couple of weeks ago, we started a series that talked about the excuses that we make for ourselves to avoid starting a workout routine. These excuses keep you from living your best life and hold you back from where you want to be most!

So this series, we are talking about one of those excuses…the excuse that you don’t have time…and how we can change some things up so that you are essentially “making” time for your goals!

Today we are talking about your focus on your current task. You see, with laser focus, you can get so much more done!

Even now as I write this, I am not able to completely focus as my daughter is playing in the other room and occasionally needs help and my phone is going off, letting me know of some other distraction that is trying to keep me from accomplishing my tasks!

However, if you can eliminate distractions, you will find that you will accomplish the tasks that you need to with so much less time taken to do so! This means that you can have more time to either complete more tasks, or to rest and relax! Both of those outcomes are ones that are more desirable than continuing to work, so we should really focus on eliminating distractions.

If you struggle with eliminating distractions, here are some tips that can help you to be more proactive.

  1. Set aside time to complete the task you are working on
  2. Let others know (who might need or want something from you) that you will be doing a task and are hoping for less distractions
  3. Remove distracting items. This is usually your phone, but it could be the TV or some other object that demands your attention
  4. Focus solely on the task at hand until you are at the point that you need to be to stop!

This can be very difficult in our current world! The instant gratification, urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) are real hindrances to our ability to focus on the task at hand! If you can focus completely, you will finish the task faster and likely better than you could with all of the other distractions that are going on for you!

Now, why is a gym talking about how to make more time and eliminate distractions?!?! It’s simple, when you are able to get more things done during the day or work, you are able to have the time that you need to chase your other goals!

This means no more staying late after work, no more missing the things you want to be at like kids’ sports and events and no more missed appointments at the gym. This means that you are present at all of the places that you need and want to be to make your life as fulfilled as possible!

Have you already made these changes and are ready to add fitness into the space that you have been able to create? That’s great!

Reach out to us and schedule your FREE INTRODUCTION today! Our experts are ready to help you to make the most of your time and reach your fitness goals!

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