Make More Time: Say No!

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the excuses that people have for not chasing their fitness and wellness goals. One of the excuses that I hear frequently is that people feel that they do not have time.

I often hear, “I’m so busy”, “I don’t have time”, “I can’t make it because…”. However, this week, we are talking about the things that you can do to “make time” for your fitness and wellness goals!

The first suggestion was to create a schedule for yourself. Last post, we talked about eliminating distractions when you are working so that you can get more done or get the same work done faster. Today, we are talking about saying no!

You see, our culture values “busyness” for some reason. We wear it like a badge that we should be proud of… When we start a conversation with “How are you doing?” or “How have you been?”, inevitably, someone in the conversation will say that they have been “busy”. The other person will say something like, “That’s good!” and then go on with the conversation.

In reality, we are often busy with things that don’t really matter! We commit ourselves to things and appointments that seem urgent, but are not actually important. They are things that suck time away from us, but don’t fill us in any appreciable way.

Instead, we should learn to say “no” a little more! This means that some things may pass and you may miss out…that’s ok! Maybe you say “no” to lunch with a friend because it will not benefit you or leave you feeling filled. Maybe you say “no” to the extra function at work because it may not fill you and may leave you frustrated with how the evening progressed. Maybe you say “no” to the night at the bar because it will leave you feeling like crap for 2 days after…

All of these are just examples of time commitments that may leave your schedule full, but not helping you to achieve what you want most…there may be others that are more specific to you. The common factor is that these commitments may steal time from you…this time you will never get back! You know the commitments that I am talking about….

Instead, give yourself the grace to say “no” and use that time for something that can fill you. If your schedule is full (see the first post in this series), then say no and avoid the feeling of overwhelm that can accompany a schedule that is too full to begin with!

If you are saying “no” to the things that you should be, then you will now have the time that it takes to chase your goals and achieve them! THAT is fulfilling and leaves you feeling satisfied with life!

Practice this and see if you can still say that you “don’t have time” for exercise! Make the time for exercise and watch your life improve!

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