This is Fun?: Challenge

With so much work to do in this world, many things that should be enjoyable may seem like a chore. Our lives are constantly busy and we are working to “check off” as many boxes as we can during a day. Many times, exercise falls into this category!

This series is focused on how you can make exercise more fun and enjoyable for yourself! If it is more enjoyable, you will stick with it better and longer…when you stick with it, you will see the results you are looking for most!

Today, we are talking about adding a challenge to your goals!

For some, this is an event that is set in the future. It could be a race…a competition…an event (wedding or reunion) or some other challenge that you want to accomplish!

Setting a goal that you want to be able to perform for changes your mindset and mentality. It pushes you to be more consistent and gives you some excitement about reaching out for some of the changes that you want.

Seeing the changes in yourself, your body and your mind are exciting! Excitement keeps you going back for more…going back for more helps you to realize the goals that you want most!

Remember, you won’t accomplish your goals in a single day or training session! While this would be nice, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” definitely holds true. If you do, your goal wasn’t big enough! Think bigger because you can do FAR more than you think you can! To be get ready for your challenge, you should do 3 things:

  1. Take a baseline measure of where you are starting. This will give you something to compare against on those days when you retest!
  2. Celebrate the small things! Big changes do not happen quickly, but small changes add up to big ones and they happen more often than you think!
  3. Retest occasionally, this will give you an idea of how you have improved, but also what areas you need to be working to continue to improve to be ready for your challenge!

Do you have a challenge in mind that you want to be ready for? Do you know what you want, but don’t know how to achieve it? Do you need help?

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