This is Fun?: Friends

There are so many things in this world that we struggle to do. Work, chores, obligations and appointments all are a part of the list that makes life a little less fun to do at times…

For many people, exercise would generally be included on that list as well! However, this series is designed to help you to change what you do so that exercise can be a more enjoyable part of your life! If it is more enjoyable, then you are more likely to complete it! If you are more likely to complete it, then you are more likely to be healthy and happy…and THAT is the part of life that we are all looking for!

The first way to make exercise more fun is to do it with a friend!

Doing anything with someone that you appreciate deeply will help you to enjoy the activity more! Think about the last time that you had to do a tedious project or task alone. It made the task seem worse, harder and longer!

However, think about the same tedious task with a friend…now, the task seems less bothersome and almost enjoyable! The task may take on a whole new meaning! It may serve as the background for a fun experience, and thus, a great story!

Adding a companion to exercise makes it more fun. More fun means more consistency and more consistency means better health and fitness!

So the next time that you are dreading a workout, invite a friend and watch your own feelings toward the workout change!

Do you have friends, but feel that you need a group of people that can help you just a little bit more?… We get it, that’s why we work like we do!

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