This is Fun?: Games

There are so many requirements in our world today. We have work, school, relationships, and so many other things that feel like obligations to us. Often, exercise can fall into that type of feeling. If exercise feels like a chore, then it is usually the FIRST one to be omitted when a time crunch comes up.

However, when it doesn’t feel like an obligation, then you are much more likely to make time for it and complete it for yourself! Research has shown that when you complete regular exercise, there is less stress, better sleep, better health and even better financial stability in your life!

Today, we are talking about how to make exercise like a game for you! Gamifying your workouts can help you to have more fun, and thus, be more consistent with your exercise! When you are more consistent, you are more likely to achieve your goals.

So, how can you make your workouts like a game? The ultimate goal is to present a challenge for yourself that seems JUST out of reach. If it is not a challenge, then you won’t get better. However, if the challenge is too far out of reach, then you may not even try it.

If you are looking for some examples, try some of these:

  1. If you are running, challenge yourself to hold a pace that is just a little faster than what you might normally go! Work to try to hold it for the same time frame that you might normally go. For example, if you normally run on a treadmill at 5.0 mph for 15 minutes. Try running on a treadmill for 5.5 mph for 15 minutes. This is just an example, but you can also work to improve your time running (going from 15 minutes to 20 minutes). When you reach that goal, celebrate! Then think of a new one for the next time!
  2. If you are lifting weights, challenge yourself to do the same number and reps of each movement, but do it with 5-10 pounds more weight (depending on the workout!). This can help you to get stronger and have fun doing it. Make it more of a game by placing a timer on the clock. Work to get more reps or sets in or do it all with a heavier weight. Adding this challenge makes it feel like a game and allows you to improve your fitness while avoiding feeling like it is a chore!
  3. Bring a friend with you to the gym. You and a friend can have a challenge between you that has a friendly wager between you for who can accomplish the challenge at hand. This makes it feel that you are are playing a game or sport and can get a little bit more out of your workout!

With all of these suggestions, be sure that you remember that you should not push so far out of your boundaries that you will hurt or injure yourself! You want to remember that you should keep optimal form for all movements!

Adding these techniques can make your workouts feel more fun and engaging! This means that you have a greater likelihood of remaining consistent with your routine and achieving your goals in the end!

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