This is Fun?: Want More

This series, we have been talking about how to make exercise more fun. So often, our life gets monopolized by what we feel we HAVE to do. My goal with this series is to help you to see and make some changes so that exercise is something you GET to do.

The last tip for making exercise more fun is similar to a previous tip…Expect more for and from yourself. When you do this, you will be so shocked at what you find you can do!

We expect far too little from ourselves in general. When we set ourselves up for challenging goals, you will find that you can hit them more often than you think! When you achieve these goals, you will find yourself having more and more fun!

It makes you want to stretch out for more and accomplish other tasks as well!

Stop allowing yourself to settle for goals that are below you! Ask more of yourself and watch how much fun you can have during your workouts!

Need help with how to push? Need someone to push you more and ask more of you?

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