What to Look For: Fire

So many of us have a goal! For many of us, we have are looking for a community of people that can help us to reach that goal!

However, there is so much more to look for in a community than just a gathering of people that are in the same place, doing the same thing! Most of us need support as well as accountability!

Today, we are talking about the different levels of accountability and what you may need to be looking for to help yourself to reach your goals and be most successful! In discussing this topic today, examine yourself and work to figure out what level you are currently operating at! Everyone is different and you may be operating at a different level depending on the task at hand!

The first level of accountability is a person that may be resistant to accountability. This person looks at a problem as a reason or an excuse for not trying. This person may not respond to being held accountable in general.

This person may need to find someone or a group that they can TRUST to be able to move to the next level. This may take some time, so if this is your current level, expect to take some time to warm up and feel that you are a part of the group and can follow the leader’s request with regularity.

The second level of accountability is a conditional approach. If this is you, you may do something that you need to, but you may need more close attention to be sure that you are doing it, because deep down, you actually don’t want to do it.

For this type of accountability, you may need to find a leader that will be explicit in their expectations and then work to get you to commit to a solid answer, either “yes” or “no”. For you, a “maybe” will not get anything done, whereas a “no” can be an opportunity to redirect into something that is better for you. You may find that you need a leader that is very direct and forthright in their expectations!

If this is you, really work to search out this person so that you can be the most successful version of yourself!

The third type of accountability level is the proactive person. This type of person is willing to be accountable all of the time. They readily accept feedback and are willing to make changes quickly and easily. This person usually doesn’t need anything other than a suggestion to make changes and start improving. Very rarely does this person need follow up and they are usually looking for more ways that they can improve.

If this is you, you would do well with a person that you trust and relate to well. This person should just tell you the next thing to do and you will complete it at a high level without much follow up or inspection. These people are pretty rare and most only operate at this level after they have been through the journey for a while and have seen some results.

It may take some time, but you may find the best results and the most happiness for yourself if you can learn to operate at a level 3!

While this is not a perfect system, my hope is that you can identify where you are in your accountability levels on your fitness journey and have the understanding of who and what type of accountability you should be looking for in a community to help you!

You may shift between levels during different times and even different days, depending on what is going on around you! Keep these ideas in mind when choosing a community to chase your goals with!

Are you looking for a community to help you to achieve your goals? Do you know what level you are operating at in your fitness journey? Do you have a leader that can help you?

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