What to Look For: Push

There are so many different ways to accomplish fitness in this world. Additionally, there are so many different people in the world as well! Finally, there are so many different communities and ideologies of fitness, but how do you know what is best for you?!

In this series, we have been discussing what you should be looking for in a fitness community. Today, we are talking about the extra push that you get from working out with a group of people.

If you are reading this, chances you are human (I believe my analytics show one reading dog that partakes of this blog…). This means that you naturally seek out comfort. You want to live a life that is comfortable and within a zone that allows you to remain there.

You see, what is also funny about the human condition is that we are most comfortable within a large zone…we like our space! So, how do we expand that comfort zone? We need to push our boundaries outward!

Now, some people can do this on their own…we call them freaks! However, most of us really benefit from a group that helps to push those limits and boundaries! This is what you should be looking for in your fitness community! A group of people that will push you and spur you on for more for yourself!

This may mean that they push you to run a little faster, lift a little more, do a few more reps, come in when you don’t feel like it or even say no to the desert that you crave so badly! You see, a community that doesn’t push you or want more for you is not actually a community at all…I would say that is just a group of people that is doing the same thing in the same place!

In a good community, EVERYONE is pushed! EVERYONE is held to a high standard, even the leaders or the “best”. This push continues to help you to achieve your goals! It is what you should be seeking for yourself! Ask yourself, are you getting the push that you need to accomplish your goals? Do you need more?

How you get this push can be entirely up to you. Is it a coach that yells for you to do more? Is it a friend or group of friends that work a little better or faster than you that allows you to get more for yourself? Is it a person or persons that know how to hold you accountable?

Whatever the way, you should seek it out, because the real comfort that you desire is achieved by pushing your boundaries outward in a way that gives you plenty of space in your comfort zone!

Are you looking for a group to help you to accomplish your fitness goals? Are you needing that community to push you a little more? Wanting more for yourself and wanting to feel a little more comfortable in your life?

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