What to Look For: Fun

There are so many different ways to accomplish your fitness goals in the world! Recently, there has been a shift to a group style of fitness. But how do you know what group is best for you? How do you know who will help you to accomplish your goals?

In this series, we have been talking about what you should look for in a community for fitness! We have talked about everything from accountability to common goals. Today, we are talking about something that is crucial for your consistency….FUN!

That’s right, whatever you do, you should have fun with it! You see, your brain craves novelty and challenges. Think about it, when something is new and exciting, say a new exercise program or a new job, your desire to be there is also increased. You don’t find yourself dreading performing that activity.

This means that if you are constantly doing the same thing in the same way at the same time, you will fall out of favor with it. This can mean that you have less adherence and less consistency in your performance. With less consistency in your performance and your attendance, you can be sure that your goals will slip further away from you.

However, if you choose a group that you have fun with, you will find that your consistency improves dramatically. You will find that you have less of those days that you are forcing yourself to go to the gym and more of those days where you are looking forward to doing your workout!

So, find a group that you enjoy being with! This could be people that have similar goals to you, maybe they are a similar age to you, perhaps they have had similar life experiences to you or maybe they have none of those traits! Whatever the group, find one that you enjoy being with and show up consistently! With your consistent effort, watch your goals checked off as accomplished more quickly!

Do you need a community that you can connect with that has fun everyday? Do you need a group that can keep you coming back and wanting more?

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