Your Excuses and Why They Suck: Money

In this series, we have been discussing all of the excuses that I get to hear so frequently for why you can’t start a fitness regimen.

Today, we are talking about the classic “I don’t have the money” excuse! This one is a tough one, so let’s delve in!

Money is a resource, with it, we afford things that, ideally, fill our lives. This may be an experience like a trip or and event…it may be physical like a house or a car and it may be something necessary like food and utilities. While it is a resource, it is a renewable one.

This means that there will be more money, almost always!

However, when you consider time…it is a non-renewable resource. When the second that you are living in has passed, you will never get it back. Spending money on a worthy cause MAY actually buy you some time. Let me explain again:

With an improved fitness level, you have the very good potential to be able to healthier, happier and more capable for a longer period of time! Additionally, your health may keep you out of doctor’s visits, medications and nursing homes!

So honestly, if you spend the money now (usually when you have it), you have the potential to save a significant amount later (usually when you don’t, can you say “fixed income”?).

Additionally, if you were to take a closer look at your monthly finances, you would likely be able to find frivolous spending in multiple places within your monthly budget. This careless spending could likely help you to improve your fitness and save money later in life!

Overall, the “I can’t afford it” excuse generally doesn’t hold water here! There are a multitude of opportunities for fitness out there that cost very little! Some may cost more, but you should be receiving a service and an improvement that is correlated with the money that you spend as well!

If you are looking to stop making excuses and start reaching the goals that you desire most for yourself, this is the time to do it! We have talked about a multitude of excuses that are not good enough to keep you from valuing yourself and your health and goals!
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