Your Excuses and Why They Suck: Don’t Know What to Do

Hello again! In this series, we are debunking common excuses that are believed as to why one would avoid starting a new fitness routine!

So far, we have debunked the “not fit enough/too out of shape” excuse, as well as the “no time” excuses. Today, we are talking about the idea that “I don’t know what to do!”

While this is a valid excuse in the 1950s, today, there is not a ton of rationale for this excuse. With the advent of the internet, YouTube, websites and television everywhere pushing some sort of philosophy it can be very easy to get started in some sort of fitness routine.

I do also realize that paralysis by analysis is a real thing, so let’s examine that.

Paralysis by analysis refers to the phenomenon that a situation may be deemed too complicated and a decision is never made, due to the fear that a potentially larger problem may arise. While this is a real thing, it can be combated with a couple of decisions that you implement before you choose.

  1. Narrow the decision down to 2-3 options.
  2. Know that you will be starting slowly, so there will likely be very little downside to the option that you choose.
  3. Choose the option that best suits you.

This may seem like an over-simplification, but it can be one that works for you to get started and get the ball rolling on your fitness!

If you still fear that you will make the “wrong” decision, then consider the following quote:

“The best thing is to do the right thing; the next best is to do the wrong thing; the worst thing of all things is to stand perfectly still” — Alfred Henry Lewis

You see, doing nothing is the absolute worst thing that you can do! Instead, make a decision and implement it! You will be so glad that you did!

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