Get a Raise: Energy

To be fair, there are not many people in the world that are not looking how to make more money. Even the most wealthy people in the world are looking to improve their wealth further!

My goal with this series is to give you a leg up! To show you how you can make more money and how CrossFit can help you to do it!

Over the years at Backward Arrow Modern Fitness, I have seen so many people apply for raises and promotions, get raises and promotions or even get new jobs because of the work that they have put in at the gym! I even have a story about a young man that was literally on his last legs at work…soon to be fired! Instead, through the work that he completed in the gym, was given a large promotion and moved to a supervisory role!

Let me show you how…

First of all, working out, especially what we do, gives you energy! We have talked about it in other roles, but it is so true! Working out with high intensity allows you to have more energy for your day and the tasks that you need to complete!

With this increased energy, you are better able to take care of your duties throughout the day at your job! The 2:00 doldrums that hit you, don’t seem to hit as hard…the thing that you were too tired to do and put off until another day is now taken care of and you have time to work on other items that need to be taken care of too!

Ultimately, this energy looks like improved efficiency and productivity! So tell me, what do employers want to see more than anything?…productivity! When you are the most productive at work, you are also the most likely to receive the recognition AND the advancement!

So, if you are looking to advance at work or earn more money…we want to help! Let our team of experts set you up to improve your energy levels so that you can set yourself up for success at work! Reach out to us here and find out how!