What does your on-ramp look like?

Ok! You have made the correct decision that you want to change your life and want to improve your fitness to help you get there! Now what?

At BAMF, the next step is to start with an on-ramp. This means that you are going to be learning some of the basic movements and how we use them in our workouts. You will do personal training to get there. 

Our on-ramp is 3 personal training sessions! That’s it! In as little as 3 sessions, you can learn many of the movements, what good form is, what a good starting weight is for you and how you can use them to make your workouts so much more effective!

At these sessions, you will learn 4-6 movements that we use regularly in our workouts, then you will use them in a workout that is made just for you. This workout is a good entry workout and will help you to understand what classes are like. This is also the perfect time to talk with your coach and ask any questions that you have. 

You will do this for 3 sessions and each session you are learning different movements than the one before. When you are finished, you will schedule your first “Big Kid Class” workout. The Big Kid workout is a HUGE milestone! We love celebrating it with you and others!

Many people are still worried about their fitness level when they get into classes…that is normal! We actually have each class that has several levels that are written into the workout, so no matter what your fitness level is, there is a level that is right for you! On top of all that, there is a coach that is running the class and there to answer your questions, continue to improve your form and push you to reach for more for yourself and your goals!

We have literally thought of it all! It is a PERFECT way to get started! All you have to do is say, “YES!” After that, you are on your way to the place that you want to be for your fitness. This time, you have help to get there!