Why it Fails: Contributes to Poor Health

This week, we have been talking about why diets fail. While some diets may “work” in the short term, they can ultimately be detrimental to your overall health and fitness goals! This series, we have been discussing why diets don’t work, but also the strategies you can use to have success in the long term!

The final reasons that diets can fail you is that they can ultimately contribute to WORSE health! To be frank, your weight is not the most important measure of health and well-being! For example, a person that weighs 200 pounds with 10% body fat is going to be much more healthy and able than a person that weighs 200 pounds with 30% body fat!

In this case, the number on the scale is the same, but what it is made up of is not!

Additionally, not all diets are good for you inside of your body! If you consider blood testing and labs, some diets actually harm your metabolic ability and cause you to be even more UNHEALTHY! This is the last thing that you want!

Consider this, most people are looking to start a diet to become healthier! The last thing that they need is to start a diet that pushes them to be even MORE unhealthy!

Instead of focusing on adhering to a diet that helps you to lose weight quickly, you should work to stick with a nutrition plan that embraces a healthy lifestyle! A healthy lifestyle includes a good and reasonable emphasis on sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and social interaction!

These plans are the ones that tend to spare muscle the most and have the longest term positives. These are the ones that have the greatest positive on your overall health! These are the ones that we should be pursuing!

So there you have it! This series has covered the reasons why diets fail for you. We talked about the stop date and why you should consider changing your habits instead of gaming for a short period of time. We also discussed the unsustainability of many diets that are recommended and why they don’t last. We discussed why having no accountability sets you up for failure and why you should consider having someone you trust to hold you to your word. Finally, we talked about how diets can actually cause you to be more unhealthy and what you should do to pursue your fitness goals without sacrificing your health!

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