How to Get “Fit Enough” to Start: Walk

Last week, we talked about the excuses that people make that they use to say that they cannot or should not start adding fitness into their daily life. One of the excuses that I hear commonly is that “I need to get in shape before I come do that.”

This statement really is asinine and is hard to believe that someone would actually say that! That’s like saying that you need to learn a subject before you go to school….that is precisely what school is there for!

However, today isn’t about convincing you that your excuses suck….today is about helping you to get in shape before you take a step into the gym! In this series, we are talking about the things you can do to help you to feel ready to step into a gym!

Today we are talking about a serious one…walking! That’s right I said it! WALKING!

The first thing that you can do to get ready to go to the gym is walk! So many people are sitting on their couches at night or at their desks during the day! This means that they are not spending much time on their feet or covering any distance!

They may be overweight….they may be sick or have been ill….so walking is a perfect way to start getting ready to go into a gym for more fitness! This is a low impact and non-intimidating way to start!

If you are going to start walking, let me make a few suggestions to help you to be more successful:

  1. Just start – There is never a good time, so just start doing it! Other things will wait!
  2. Start small – You can start off with a 15 minute walk! This is a fantastic way to get started
  3. Set a specific time – Don’t just hope that you can squeeze it in! Make it a priority and then stick to it. It helps if the time is one that you can consistently complete, this helps to make it a habit!
  4. Increase your walking speed – GRADUALLY increase your walking speed as you complete more walks. Think about if you were walking in an airport and had to get to your next flight…work to be able to walk at that speed for 15 minutes.
  5. BONUS TIP! If you start to get comfortable, you can do one of two things…walk for longer periods, or start a light jog! Either one will help you to continue to improve in your fitness levels!

The key to ALL of this is that you just have to get started! But 15 minutes a day is enough for you to do just that and start to make progress into feeling better and achieving your goals! When you get to this point, you are ready to make the step into the gym to accomplish more of your goals!

Are you to the point that you are ready to make a move into the gym, but don’t know where to go or what to do next? That’s ok and we are here to help you to reach your goals!

Click the button and schedule your FREE INTRODUCTION! Our team of coaches and nutrition specialists stands ready to help you to achieve your goals through exercise and nutrition coaching! Everyone that starts kicks themselves for waiting too long! Don’t let that be your mistake too!

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