Your Excuses and Why They Suck: No Time

Hi again! It’s me, giving hard lessons and reasons why your excuses not to start a fitness routine suck!

Yesterday, we talked about the idea that you need to be fit to start a new exercise regimen. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Today, we are talking about the idea that you have “No Time” to exercise…

I think The Rock says it best here!

This is yet another excuse that I get to hear on a regular basis! Really, a much more truthful answer would be that you choose not to prioritize your health and fitness!

You see, exercise doesn’t have to take a long time for most of us! In fact, 30-45 minutes is really all that you need to get in a fantastic workout and still face the rest of your day head on! That’s it!

So you are telling me that the 3 hours of TV that you watch nightly is more important than your long term health, fitness and happiness? Because I can guarantee you that a TV program will not make you feel better, have less chance of chronic disease or even have as good of mental health as 30-45 minutes of exercise do every day!

The truth is, if you need more than that much time, you are probably already doing it and not reading this post! This one is for you! The one that thinks you don’t have time!

So stop and think…if you truly don’t have time, I would challenge that you do! And if you continue to choose to prioritize other things that don’t help and fill you like exercise can, then you will likely have to find time later in your life for appointments, doctor’s visits and medications.

It truly is your choice!

Want to make a better choice? Want to see how fitness only has to take 1 hour a day? Want to find out how you can get started in a safe, healthy and effective way?

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